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Image of ABX Diagnostics HORIBA Pentra DX120 Hematology Analyzer

ABX Diagnostics HORIBA Pentra DX120 Hematology Analyzer

HORIBA Pentra DX120 Hematology Analyzer Includes:

  • Instruments, Hematology Analyzers; ABX Pentra DX120; Complete CBC, retic and NRBC enumeration; Throughpur: 120 samples/hr.; 45 parameters; Double DIFF matrix; 6 reagents; 23D x 46W x 291/2 in. H; 243 lb.

  • Features of the Pentray DX120:

  • Autoloader with continuous loading capability.

  • Double DIFF Matrix.

  • Automatic reflex testing.

  • Automatic validation of results.

  • DHSS technology.

  • Provides complete blood cell, reticulocyte, and nucleated red blood cell (NRBC) enumeration.

  • Qualifies and quantifies all hematopoeisis stages.

  • Monitors erythropoiesis with three different channels: reticulocyte, red blood cells, and erythroblast.

  • Red-blood cell lineage includes a direct fluorescent NRBC enumeration along with comprehensive reticulocyte information.

  • Double Diff Matrix channel differentiates three cell lines in leukopoiesis: granulocytic (IMG % and count), monocytic (IMM % and count), lymphocytic (IML % and count).

  • Sensitivity alarms detect morphology anomalies in lymphocytes (Ln and Aly alarms) and blast cells (Blast alarm).

  • Reflex testing can be customized in accordance with blood type.

  • Technical Specifications:

  • Power supply : 100/240 V - 50/60 Hz - 700 W laser in stand-by 800 W, (2kW maxi).

  • Dimensions : 29.5 in x 65 in x 22.6 in (H x W x D).

  • Printer : Laser.

  • Throughput : 120 samples/hour.

  • Data processing : Windows XP, Floppy disk, CDROM (R/W), RS 232C,TCP/IP, 2 x USB1 Mono and bi-directional connection.

  • ASTM, HL7 protocol.

  • Memory capacity : 80 GB unlimited patient database.

  • Patient Management : Automatic validation (setting rules), Delta Check, Patient history (matrix, curves, data), manual entry.

  • 120 samples per hour in CBC, DIFF, and CBR modes; up to 60 samples per hour in DIR, ERB, and CBE modes.
  • Price: $146578.95 from MedEx Supply

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